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Little Cayman Island is an island of great beauty and colorful history.

The Little Cayman Museum preserves and protects Little Cayman’s cultural heritage for the enrichment of present and future generations. In support of this mission, the Museum collections, conserves, and interprets artifacts, documents, and published materials related to the history of Little Cayman.

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We have recently completed a significant upgrade to our facilities. The new building contains new exhibits and amazing underwater photography for visitors to explore what makes Little Cayman Island so special.

The museum features a range of historical artifacts that give insight into the more than 500 years of recorded history  since Christopher Columbus’ crew first spotted Little Cayman in 1503. We present the history and culture of the island in an entertaining and insightful way that will provide an enjoyable and relaxing intermission to any dive trip or vacation.

We look forward to seeing you at the Little Cayman Museum.

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